Mixing RPMs & Behavior Question

I unwisely bought a Media server instead of a Drobo a while back, and when I bought it I got the 7200 1TB Seagate drives for it.

Four months later, I’m buying the Drobo. It’s primary use is backup of multiple computers via network share through my time capsule.

I plan on using those 1TB drives in a regular computer, as they are 7200 RPM and slowly pickup the new 5400 RPM ‘green’ 2TB drives from WD. Seeing as the primary use the rotational latency isn’t my biggest concern (the data comes in over a 802.11n network, so not really going to over run that)

I just wanted to make sure that I’m nto going to create a harmonics issue with the two different types of drives. Or if there are any known gotchas as I’m on my 1st day with the 2TB drive installed.

My other question is this.

I created my array with just the 2 1TB HDDs in as I had those on hand and was waiting for the 2TB drive. This gave my 900 some GB of space as expected. However now that it’s on the Time Capsule I can’t see any details via the dashboard as expected.

When I put the 2TB drive in, it came up green and the dot indicating how full it was went away. But the 2TB drive never went yellow/green blink to indicate any kind of a rebuild.

Is there a way to ‘know’ the drive is ok without re-hooking it to a computer? It’s still green, so I’m guessing I’m good but just want to be sure.