mixed rpm's

has anyone done any testing to see is different rpms effect performance. currently i have 1 5900, 2 7200, and 2 5400 drive in. I was wondering if i replaced the 5400, and 5900 and put all 7200 if it would increase performance? currently with big files i can get 30mg/s but small files and deleting kill me.

Which Drobo do you have? I have had all kinds of mixtures and in my V1 they were all pretty much as slow as each other…

My Drobo v2 has 3 WD RE drives with a Seagate Barracuda, all 7200 RPM. I see similar performance to that reported by people with WD Green drives, which is a tad slower than 30MB/s at best. As I upgrade drives, I plan to replace them with slower spindles.

It sounds like the Drobo FS is not much faster than my CPU-limited v2. Heat (and power consumption) is probably more significant than marginal gains from using hotter and more expensive 7200 RPM drives.

I have the drobofs.