Missing or hiden data via droboshare

can any1 help or have experienced this.
it seems like I cant view most of my data on my drobo when connect via droboshare. boy at start i thought it had lost everything, but the dashboard kept telling me that data is there. i then unplugged from drobshare and connected the drobo directly to my pc via usb, and the datas there… thankgod…
how come i cant view this data via droboshare??? is there so aps im suppose to install…
i’ve currently got the following fireware…
drobo 1.3.5
droboshare 1.1.2

any ideas any1?
greatly appreciate any feedback

Run either repair disk from disk utility if you are on a mac or chkdsk from command prompt if you are on a windows machine.

With drobo direct connected to your computer, bypassing the share.

I Have exactly the same problem, When the Drobo is connected to my computer, everything is there, when it’s going through the droboshare, i lose random folders of information.
I’ve run Disk utility, and repaired what it found wrong, and still the problems persist.
I’ve only had my Drobo for less than a week and i’m currently reconsidering my purchase and going back to Synology NAS drives where i didn’t have a single problem.

If someone has some ideas why the droboshare hides certain/random folders please do tell, otherwise there’ll be a cheap drobo going on ebay!

If the missing files & folders are the ones with non-ascii filenames (e.g. Japanese kanjis or umlauts) it is likely that I know how to fix it.

Jeniffer: Any idea how often DroboApp submissions are checked ? My jp_ntfs_mount DroboApp might fix issues with non-ascii filenames being hidden on DroboShare.

my problem didnt get resolved too…
so… i backed everything out of the drobo, formatted then re backed it onto drobo whilst on the d.share… not practical at all… but could’nt think other althernative…

a resolution is most welcome.

[]AFAIK, DroboShare uses Paragon ufsd driver to mount filesystems that are present on Drobo.
]The Paragon ufsd driver contains capability to translate filenames that are unsupported by local filesystem, and by default it is configured to translate anything that is non-ascii to ascii equivalent.
[]Unfortunately, this filename translation breaks compatibility with smbd, which is responsible for sharing files via network.
]If the drives are re-mounted using proper ufsd options, this issue could be averted.

DroboApp to fix ufsd iocharset issue: http://files.me.com/minorutoda/mgh1we
([color=#FF0000]WARNING: This DroboApp is not yet approved by Data Robotics; use at your own risk[/color]).

How to install:
[*]Copy jp_ntfs_mount.tgz to DroboApp folder. Restart DroboShare.

How to uninstall:
[*]Remove jp_ntfs_mount folder from DroboApp folder. Restart DroboShare.

[]This DroboApp unmounts and re-mounts volumes at boot time. It will take few minutes to do this, so give it some time.
]Hot-plug is not supported. Only Drobos that are connected to DroboShare at boot time will be remounted with proper options.
[]Filesystems on Drobo must have simple and unique volume names. Spaces and non-ascii characters in volume names are not tested and probably will not work.
]If you have multiple filesystems on Drobo, they must each have unique volume names (no duplicates)
[]Files with non-ascii filenames that were written via DroboShare may appear garbled after installing this DroboApp.
This is because ufsd filename translation works bi-directional. If you have any files that were written via DroboShare, you may want to backup it up first, and then restore them via direct USB link.
]This DroboApp should not break any existing files and folders; unless they were already broken.
[]This DroboApp probably will not work well with other DroboApps that provide file server capability.
]Log files are generated at /var/log/DroboApps/jp_ntfs_mount-start.log
For those that are experts:
You need iocharset=utf8 set when calling mount on DroboShare to handle foreign character sets properly.

mount -t ufsd -o rw,noatime,nodiratime,iocharset=utf8 device mountpoint

I think i’ve found the issue!!!

Any Folder with a space at the end of it E.G:
"Photos "
Will not work, and hides the contents of said folder,
Rename the folder to not include the extra space, and it all works again.
(You do have to re-name the folders via a computer and not a droboshare)
Problem solved…however it would have been nice for it to not be a problem in the first place - But nevermind.
Hope this helps others and hope Drobo can incorporate some fix in future updates.

[quote]Any Folder with a space at the end of it E.G:
"Photos "
Will not work, and hides the contents of said folder,[/quote]

True. I just tested with my DroboShare.
[]Files with trailing spaces can be listed but not viewed. (note: file extension must not be present).
]Folders with trailing spaces can be listed, but it’s contents cannot be viewed.

Seems like a smbd issue.

can you put a space at the end of the extension? what happens then? (just curious)

Thats fantastic news for you guys.

However my hidden folders didnt have any " " at the end, maybe in between characters… So basically my hidden data were mostly the folders containing chinese characters… ok no maybe d.share not supported, but when I took all the data out via usd to pc, then re-copied them over via d.share its fine…
So i guess that the initial problem was that any data with weird folder/file names didnt display when connecting drobo (with existing data) to d.share, but any new data copied over on d.share is fine…

In that case, my jp_ntfs_mount DroboApp should work.
The problem now is that your current data on DroboShare has filenames that has been corrupted by wrongly configured ufsd driver.
The corrupted filenames are readable as normal as long as you access via DroboShare, however if you apply my DroboApp, they will appear garbled again.

If you want your Drobo to work for both USB direct connection and via DroboShare, you will have to:
[]Backup all Data via DroboShare
]Install jp_ntfs_mount DroboApp
[*]Copy back all files (either via USB/FW800 or via DroboShare)
I am currently working on a tool to convert those garbled filenames to normal, however I am quite busy with other projects and do not know when it will be finished.