Missing/non-working settings in Drobo S

Hi, i got my brand new Drobo S, the only thing bothering me is that contrary to the manual i cannot set the brightness of the lights in the “Settings” preferencpane and i cannot apply a spin down setting it is automatically reverted back to “never” (default, though the manual states 15 min as default).

link to screenshot

Can any one help me?



I have the same issue and have a case open with DR about the spindown setting. I’ll try to remember to post the answer here when/if they figure it out.[hr]
Their ears must have been burning! Just received this update from DR support:

“The Spin down setting is a known issue with the DroboS. It will be fixed with a future software release. I do apologize for the inconvenience.”

DroboDashboard 1.6.7 fixed the non-availability of the “dim lights” settings. However, the stand-by time still cannot be set.

hmm, thats sucks a bit

I asked tech support about this about a week after I got my Drobo S, which was last month. I was told that they are aware of the bug and it should be fixed in the next release.

didnt you say that 3 posts up?

just got this from DRI:

[quote]The drive (Drobo S) spin-down issue is actually a firmware problem, as opposed to a Dashboard problem.

There is a new firmware (2.0.1) should be available within two weeks: there’s a strong chance this will resolve the issue.

Thank you for your patience and time.[/quote]