Missing Files Between Multiple Transporters


I have 3 Transporter devices. What I’ve noticed is that the size consumed on the 3 Transporters is different for the same folder. Example - Photos. On 1st TS, it’s 536.5GB; On the 2nd TS, it’s 536.8GB; and finally on the 3rd TS, it’s 535.8GB. I’m quite concerned that 1 GB of data is missing from 2nd and 3rd, while 300MB is missing from 1st and 2nd.

Any ideas why this is happening and if there’s a way to force a full sync between the 3 TSes?


hi i was just wondering if there is a way you can get a properties of all the files or folders on each transporter to compare?
for example does each transporter have the same amount of files and folders?
if so, is it possible that it is a size reporting, depending on the (possibly different) drives inside each one?

sometimes when i copy a folder from a usb stick onto computer, the size on disk value could be different from the size value.[hr]
btw i do not have any transporters, but i seem to remember with some versions of the desktop application, it would resynch things when exited and launched again - maybe that could help in the meantime too?

Paul - Thank you for your response. I don’t actually have a screenshot as my 3 transporters are in 3 different locations. What I can tell you is the number of files are different between different transporters, which is the cause of directory size discrepancies. This is definitely not a space used on file due to cluster size issue.


ah ok thanks for clarifying that,
you might need to hang in there a bit until someone can respond, but did the exiting and relaunching of the application help at all?