missing Drobo volume

Today one of two Drobo volumes I’ve been using for the past couple years disappeared from my desktop and I can’t get it back. Any idea what happened??

hi parispics, if your dashboard can still see the drobo, can you try to close down any other programs that might be using the drobo, and then to use dashboard to safelty shut it down.
and then to shutdown the computer, and to wait for about 5-10mins with all powered off…

then can you try to power up the computer and dashboard first, and then the drobo again?
i have had this a couple of times in the past, sometimes after a program crashed too, and it was ok again

btw are you using a direct usb cable connection on windows?

Thanks Paul…but no, the other volume does NOT appear in dashboard. I’m using a direct usb cable on my iMac. I physically have only one Drobo unit, but last time I expanded the drives, it made a second volume…Drobo1 and Drobo2. Now all I have is Drobo2. The contents of the missing volume are backed up on a separate HD, but its so weird that one day after a year of using it in this configuration, Drobo1 just disappears. All lights are green…all systems go.[hr]
Update…when I click Volumes under All Drobos (1), dashboard DOES see both Drobos. But the #1 says “-” under the Used column, when there should be about 6 TB on it.

thanks for the the info parispics,
can i check if the overall appearance of the drobo (and in dashboard) seems to match what it was like when things were all accessible before… for example were the blue lights at the same level as before?

(usually that is a good inidicator that the drobo is still using up or recognising their allocation)

if the same amount of blue (approximate used %) lights are still lit up, then would you be able to try the following if you get a chance:

  • to try shutting down the drobo via dashboard

  • and then to shutdown the computer and to disconnect the connection cable from the drobo

  • and then to power up the unconnected drobo on its own
    (does it boot up ok here with the usual blue lights sequence from 1 through to 10 (usually from right to left) and then go into standby mode?) - in case it seems to hang here, please do allow it plenty of time if needed.

  • then once it goes into standby mode, if you try powering up the computer and then dashboard

  • and then to connect the drobo usb cable again,

  • what happens now?
    (does the drobo wake up shortly after, and then end up being recognised by dashboard and the computer again, with both volumes mounting etc?)

if it does not, it may be worth raising a ticket with the support team just in case it is something else. (some places have 2 years, so you might be ok if its just 1 day after a 1 year though worth checking)

another thing that may help a bit, is if you have access to diskwarrior, that has been known to fix a lot of issues with volumes not mounting etc. (usually i would have expected dashboard to first find both volumes, and then for the computer to not, though it may be worth checking to see in case diskwarrior happens to spot any recognisable and fixable issues?)

Hi again…I finally just today had a chance to follow your suggestion…to no avail. After doing carefully just what you suggested, my missing Drobo volume is still missing. All blue and green lights suggest the unit is healthy. The volume still shows up in Dashboard and indicates its using an unknown (listed as --) amount of disk space. I do not have access to DiskWarrior, and my unit’s warranty ended about 70 days ago. Any other ideas?

thanks for the update, and for trying out those steps.

i think aside from possibly purchasing diskwarrior (or further investigating a way to try before you buy, possibly if a friend had it you could try and if it fixed things your morals could make a purchase of it etc),
and aside from purchasing a pay-per-incident ticket with the support team (which i believe can still be made even if outside of warranty, if you wish)

there are a few more options to try…(and it is probably worth trying when you can i think), for example as follows:

a) you could try putting the drobo into readonly mode, for example as mentioned below, just to see if it allows you to access all data again, for copying to somewhere else while in that mode:

(it usually helps in reboot loops though may possibly help here, but please remember to exit readonly mode after the test)

b) if you happen to have access to another mac computer (does the same current issue of just 1 volume also happen there?)

c) another option you could try, would be to essentially boot up the drobo empty, 1 time, and then as normal via the steps below:

  • to shutdown the drobo and computer, and remove all cables from the drobo

  • and then with power all off and cables unplugged, to remove each drive from the drobo (remembering the order of your diskpack for later)

  • and to plug in the power and data connection cables to the empty drobo and to power up the computer and dashboard, and then the drobo.
    (does the drobo boot up and be found in dashboard as empty?) - if it shows a red light and asks you to put in a drive, please STOP here… and instead, please shutdown the drobo and computer again.

  • then, with power all off and cables unplugged, to put each diskpack drive back into where they came from,

  • and then to power up the unconnected drobo,
    (it should boot up with the blue led sequence as usual, though as before, in case it appears to need some extra time to get through all the 10 blue lights, please do allow it time here - and then it should go into standby mode since it is not connected to the mac)

  • then if you can power up the computer, and dashboard, does the drobo wake up shortly after and now show both volumes in dashboard (and to the computer?)[hr]
    by the way parispics, i just saw an interesting post here (about a youtube clip from another user tony) and while i dont have a mac myself, it might be worth researching into it too if the problem still persists, as it seems so far to have fixed a similar issue for another gen3 user:

Try out this youtube video that I found. It resolved a similar issue for me and at least one other user.


Best of luck,

(many thanks walt - it was your link i pasted but sometimes the forum doesnt show the full links) :slight_smile: