Mirroring 2 Drobos

I have 2 Drobos 200 miles apart. I have been using one for a couple of years and has a lot of data on, the other is recently acquired. I intend to temporarily plug these into the same Mac and SuperDuper the data on the old one across to the new one.
My question is whether there is any software that I can then use to keep the 2 Drobos in sync across the internet ?

Check out CrashPlan.com

Just had a look at crashplan.com and I’m not sure it will do what I want as it seems to be designed to backup rather than mirror. I want my 2nd Drobo to look just like the 1st. The fact that you can backup to a friend’s computer would seem to suggest to me that at the very least the target is encrypted, but frankly their website doesn’t really explain what the product actually does.

Crashplan is slow as foo for anything more than a few GB and their client software is…um…“challenging”. I have no idea why people are all “ga ga” for Crashplan.

tdenson…on the Mac you can put together your own script using “rsync” or use something like Transmit 4 to sync the local Drobo to the remote. Transmit is an FTP client that does a whole lot more like syncing directories, remote mounting and so on. You would need to connect to the system where the remote Drobo is plugged into and, of course, that computer needs to be sharing the Drobo so you can see it.

Thanks for that. As it happens I have Transmit installed on my Mac but have never used it. I will investigate. I will also take a look at rsync.

Transmit 4 has quite a few improvements over 3 with sync and a cool remote mounting capability. Not sure that it’s Applescript-able to make it all run transparently but I have used it and rsync to synchronize directories remotely.

I have now played with Transmit 4 and it is awesome. Syncing my two Drobos as we speak. Thanks everyone.


Hey Tony I was also checking out Crash Plan and just saw your Transmit 4 posts… if you get a sec/min could you do a quick follow-up on how easy or not it was to sync the two Drobos? I only have one Drobo FS so far, but may recommend a second to our local arts organization and would be interested to learn about Transmit syncing steps before I do in case it’s something I can also recommend to them. Thx KV

I’m using two Drobo Pros at home, keeping them in sync, and also a copy on a remote/hosted dedicated server.

Most (if not all of them) syncing software can do what you want over the Internet. I’m using Synchronize! Pro X as it’s the more complete such package available in term of options, methods et al.

If it has something missing, I don’t know what it is - not cheap though.

Just after my last post I had a major failure of my MacBook and have been busy sorting it out. Not had much chance to exercise the FTP link in anger.[hr]

Yes, I’ve only just realised that ChronoSync that I have been using for years has this facility.

hi check out syncback (one of the flavours of it) thats what im using to basically mirror my local v1 onto my local v2 but i think the SE / pro version can do it over web too.

(i also made a mozy.com post search for it on the foums lol which mentions more) :)[hr]
actually i hate it when people say search for it instead of pasting a link, so here you go :slight_smile: