minidlna for drobo fs?

Has anyone had any luck compiling minidlna for the drobo fs? Unfortunately, there are very few options if you want to stream to Sony products as their DLNA implementation is non-standard. Would anyone be willing to take this on?

I just posted a how-to compile minidlna and a ready-to-use packaged version of minidlna here:


ricardo, first of all, thanks for all the apps that you keep posting. I have used a couple now to great success and there are a few more that I would like to use, but having problems with a couple (rTorrent being one).

I am going to try this when I get in as it is what I am looking for.

However, quick question. When you go to place the file in the droboapps folder, is it just the .tgz file that is needed. I noice that you post other files, like in your pages, do you also need to download these and place them somewhere?

Make sure you use the lighttpd and php DroboApp from DroboPorts, since the ones from DRI were not compiled with the required features.

Those other files are used for compiling the DroboApp from scratch. For instance, is the script used to start/stop the DroboApp. The .conf files are the default configuration files that I used, and so on.

As an end-user, you just need the TGZ file, and also to read the final remarks. There are usually a few additional steps that you need to do to make sure that the app works with your data.

Interestingly, the one main reason I wanted to see minidlna available for the drobo fs, was so I could stream to my Sony bluray HTIB in my upstairs living room. I can see the folder structures, but says no media available.
My PS3 in the basement is able to stream the videos with no problem. Any idea?

Probably codec support. Most likely your Bluray player does not recognize any of the codecs offered by minidlna, while the PS3 does.

The only way to be sure is to: 1) look at minidlna logs and see what is coming from your Bluray player, and 2) find out from the Bluray player’s manual which codecs does it support.

I’m assuming the logs are in the log folder by default?

Minidlna is supposed to be the best media server for Sony HTIB/Bluray, etc. I’ve been able to stream from Serviio to our Sony HTIB with no problems.

The file is var/log/minidlna.log.

Maybe the dependencies I compiled do not support the specific codec you are trying to play, i.e., this version of minidlna is not able to transcode them for you?

You could post the details of the file you are trying to play (video codec, audio codec, etc), but my guess is that even if I recompile the proper dependencies it won’t be able to transcode videos in realtime, since the DroboFS CPU is not powerful enough to transcode videos of any reasonable bitrate.

Interestingly, all avi and mpg (mpeg 2) work fine on our PS3 when streamed through minidlna, but the sony htib says no file available if I navigate to the same folder.

I think I figured this one out. By pure luck, I found this thread on the ReadyNAS forums:

So I went after this mythical patch that makes Sony Bluray devices see MKV files. Turns out it basically changes the source code of mindlna (in a not so extensible way, if I might add) to support specifically Sony Bluray players by lying about the type of the file.

Did I mention how much I hate Sony for pulling proprietary cr*p like that?