Mini not recognised/PSU problem?

My mini (mix of 1x Crucial 0.5tb and 3x Samsung 1Tb SSDs) is not recognised by the dashboard.


Yellow drive lights x 4
The Power light on the front does not come on
Data transfer light does not come on
Blue capacity light is one long solid block of blue, whether drives are in the mini or not
Power cord is green

Sound - fans are making noise

I have tried to reboot, swapped from T-bolt via screen to direct connect, USB direct connect, reboot without drives in.

One drive (drive 1) seems badly mounted - won’t come all the way out. The others are fine.

Any thoughts?

Is there a service centre I can send the hardware to for a fix?

Many thanks

hi every1nose,
if your mini is still under cover, then i think you could raise ticket for the support team (which would essentially be the official service center). im not sure how likely a free replacement is, especially if you are out of support, but you could try raising a 1-time support ticket as there might be another way forward…

alternatively, you could try a following the pinhole reset procedure (without any drives in) but “only” to see if the empty drobo now shows up in dashboard?

but is it possible that one of the drives is stuck (or the connector is stuck halfway in and out of the slot connector too?)