mini 2.7.1 dashboard update = fail


Power cycled the drobo and it has appeared again. I’ll monitor for a few days to see what happens. It’s now suggesting new firmware, but I’ll wait until data protection completes.

My warranty expired 1/14/2016. Yesterday I had 1 of my 4 drives fail, leaving me with 10% left on storage which is fine until I get WD to send a replacement.

However, I upgraded to 2.7.1 dashboard after the drives reorganized, and now dashboard fails to find my drobo mini :frowning:

Is this due to having only 10% left (which I could see before I upgraded) or is it some other issue?

I don’t have firewall on my computer (OS X 10.11.2), my drobo has 3 green lights and one red (I removed the drive as I am sending it back for replacement).

I tried all the suggestions from here http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/621 other than contacting support.

Any suggestions?

hi, yes its good to wait for the rebuild to complete before trying any updates or swaps,
im not sure what size drives you have, but the rebuild will probably take about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo.

if you can, try to let things settle a bit after the rebuild before updating. (its recommended to make a backup of data before updating firmware) though if your replacement is an exact same model as one that has been working fine before then you may not need to specifically update.

Rinse, cycle, repeat. Data protection completed after 10 or so hours, drobo attempted to update firmware, got itself all hot and bothered again, disconnected from MAC again, but reconnected only to tell me it needs another 9 hours to complete data protection. I did manage to get files off that I had nowhere else so it’s not terminal from a data perspective anymore, but boy, is it frustrating as hell. I’l try a manual upgrade when its back in the morning.

thanks for the update, and its good that you have copies of the data,

you may already be using it, but usb seems to be a bit more stable than firewire for updating firmware, though please let us know how it goes.