migrations and identifying firmwares ever used?

hi, i was looking at http://www.drobo.com/products/migrations.php
and near the bottom of the page it mentions this:

*Disk Packs created on Drobo firmware version 1.1.0 or greater


**Disk Packs created or updated on Drobo firmware version 1.4.0 mounted on a Mac cannot be migrated to Drobo S firmware version 2.1.1 and earlier or DroboPro firmware version 1.2.1 or Drobo 5D.

maybe im not thinking straight :slight_smile: but just how easy or possible is it for us to identify if a disk pack was ever first created in a particular firmware version? (of if it was ever ‘exposed’/updated to a different firmware version, inbetween that original one and the one we currently have?

hi, just linking a related topic that another user posted with similar queries:

We have temporarily suspended direct pack migrations to the 5D. This will be resolved with a firmware update in the near future. We would need to look at a diagnostic file to make sure the drive pack was formatted on a firmware version greater than 1.0.3. We would also be able to tell if the pack had been created on or updated to firmware 1.4.0.

oh ok great, thanks for the info sky