Migration to Drobo S Failed

My migration from drobo 2nd generation to drobo s just failed. Here are the precise steps I followed.

a) I updated drobo dashboard to the latest version (mac)
b) I verified that the 2nd generation drobo had the latest firmware
c) I then plugged the drobo s into the machine (no drives) and I updated the firmware to 2.0.1
d) I then powered the Mac and drobos off; and then I pulled out my three drives from the drobo 2nd generation to the drobo s
e) I then disconnected the drobo 2nd generation from the Mac and unplugged it
f) I turned the computer on and powered on the drobo at the same time
g) the drobo s starts up as expected and it goes through that startup mode where the blue lights on the bottom run from left to right. About halfway through that process, all the drive lights go from yellow to red
h) then, I get the os x message about the drive isn’t recognized and needs to be initialized - the message gives me three options - initialize, ignore, eject - I choose ignore
i) drobo dashboard gives me the message that I have pulled too many drives

from there, I powered the drobo and mac off several times and resetted the drives. I also moved the drives to new bays, etc. In the end, I get the same outcome as g, h, and i above

So, I just turned off the drobo s and put the drives back into the drobo 2nd generation and plugged it back into power and the Mac - and all is well - my volume came up and all my data is secure

So - given that I’m out 800 for this drobo s - how do I use it? How do I do this migration?

You did it correctly. It is possible your drobo S is faulty.

I would suggest telephoning support

Yes, please open a support case.

The exact same thing happened to me tonight. I have a support case, but I think I am going to get Amazon.com to just send another and I’ll just send this one back. Sounds like a faulty unit.

Did this get resolved?