Migration page of Drobo Gen 1 to Drobo-S is a hash

The Web page describing data migration from a Gen 1 Drobo to the Drobo-S is a complete hash. Apparently it was edited from some page describing the DroboPro, and as it currently stands it makes no sense. It claims a simple copy from one Drobo to another will destroy all data on the drives. Which drives? Well, in point of fact, no drives will be overwritten; the last half of the page is full of nonsense.


You need to read the page a bit more carefully.

It says that you need to copy everything from the Drobo Gen 1 to the DroboS.
Once you have copied across your data you can pull the drives out of the Drobo Gen 1 and put those drives into any free slots on the Drobo S - the S erases the drives and adds them to its storage. i.e. any files on those drives are erased when you put them into the S.

In Mr. Protocol’s defense here, it seems DRI updated the page sometime today, because when I read the post initially, the page read differently with the Note about erasing data being a separate paragraph under the numbered steps, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t mention anything about “if you want to move your drives from Drobo to Drobo S.”

Fair enough then :slight_smile:

That was fast. Yes, when I read the page, it was as bhiga says. Nothing about pulling any drives out of anything, just documenting a straight unit-to-unit copy. Glad they fixed it so promptly. Wish they’d said something about it here, though, so I wouldn’t look like a ranting idiot. I can do that without any help. :slight_smile:


shame the bottom right picture link isnt working :frowning:

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Stands to reason it should go here

thanks bhiga