Migration => New Volume?


I have had a wonderful Gen 3 for 4-5 years. I decided to upgrade to a 5C. Everything is fine, update drivers, no problem, all systems go.

Put drives in 5C, power it on. Get to 5 yellow lights plus blinking row of blue. Wait 15 minutes, no change. Maybe I need to boot PC? Boot PC. Run Daskboard, need to install new drivers, wait 5 minutes, takes 30 mins. Whatever.

All green, now I add 5th drive to set, this was the whole reason for getting a new Drobo - need more space. Awesome, drive recognized. Need to reboot Drobo. Sad, takes a long time.

You have a new volume on your Drobo, it needs to be formatted. No, no, no formatting for me. The whole point is more space for current volume. Now I have 3 volumes, where I only had two before. One is “Not formatted”. Everything seems to work, but …

Why a new Volume? Is ignoring it “OK”??


What drives sizes are currently installed? Do you know what your volume size was set at before moving the drives to the 5C?


Before the move, 2@6TB+2@3TB drives and two volumes, a backup vol of 200GB and the rest in a 16TB vol.

After the move I added a 6TB drive, so I’d have space to fill the volume I had.

In a perhaps related question, is there something I should have done to tell the new Drobo to make the volume bigger?

Win 7 is the OS, but I have others if I need to change something.



Your original setup had a 16TB volume size, which I believe was its maximum. Migrating the existing diskpack kept that same volume size even though the new 5C can do larger volumes.

Adding the other 6TB drive bumped your total storage space over that 16TB limit, so it created another 16TB volume. If you format that blank volume you can use the added space, and it will give you another drive letter associated with it.

As scary as it might sound, if you were to copy all your data to another (safe) location and reset your 5C, it should wipe the drives and reformat them to create a single 64TB volume for your storage needs, This might be better than dealing with multiple 16TB volumes.

Hope this helps.


Hmm, I guess I see it now. I have .2TB of backup space and 16TB of the current volume. The 24TB of drives produces 16.27TB of “Drobo Space”. I guess the Drobo would hate to see that 0.07TB go wasted. :wink:

Is there some way to get the 5C to make a 64TB volume instead of a 16TB one? If I could move one big 7.8TB database Drobo-to-Drobo within the 5C, I could shuffle the rest off into spare drives in the Gen3 and then remove the 16TB one. The whole point of this “virtualized storage” is independence from these OS rules.


The only way to change the volume size is to reset the Drobo, which of course would erase and reformat your existing drives. Using the older Gen3 to house a copy of all your data is ideal, then after resetting the 5C you can simply copy everything back.

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