Migration B810N to 8D

In the migration FAQs there is no mention of B810N migration.
Is it possible to move a drive pack (full 8, dual redundancy) from a B810N to an 8D ?

No, because the B810n uses EXT4 File System (NAS) and the 8D is a direct attached unit and can be formatted for NTFS or HFS, you can not migrate the drives from NAS to DAS or vice verse and have the data read. You can attach both devices to computer and copy data from one Drobo to the other.


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Thanks Valorie - so is there a public timetable for an “8 D like” NAS unit or can that information be shared privately under NDA ?

The B810N is long in the tooth, and clearly the technology is moving forward both at Drobo and competitively.

I have a failed B810N, which is out of warranty and will not power on, and I would not desire to purchase another B810N to have it replaced with updated technology shortly thereafter.

I would prefer to stay with the Drobo family.

Thanks - Todd

I understand, you may want to contact our inside sales team. We can also repair the Drobo B810n for minimal charge. Sales can be reached at 1-408-454-4200.

I missed your call in Sales. The repair cost is $495.00.