Migration 5ND to 5ND different Firmware

Can you perform a migration of 5ND to 5ND with different Firmware?

That depends on what firmware version is on each unit.
Best to update the firmware first then migrate.

You can migrate your disk pack from a 5N to a 5N with newer firmware or a 5N2 with newer firmware.

You can migrate your disk pack from a 5D to a 5D, 5D3, or 8D, always with newer firmware.

I have never heard of a Drobo 5ND.

Good luck!



You do have to be careful about how old the firmware on the first unit is.
You cannot jump from any firmware older than 3.5.16 up to one of the new 4.x firmware versions.

If Dashboard is not telling you there is a firmware update and your current firmware is older than 3.5.16, then you should contact support first.