migrating to new drobo?

i have an 800fs that has all 8 bays populated with drives and data. the unit has been acting up (not staying visible to mac/win machines on network, showing a brand new drive as damaged, etc)

my question is what are my options to get all the data off these 8 drives OR is it possible to migrate all 8 to a new device?

looking for options

[edit] can i migrate all 8 disks from my B800fs WITH THE DATA IN TACT to a newer Drobo B810N ???

hi gary, if you have more time then hopefully you can get the answers here in due course, though if your existing unit is not being always accessible for you and you need a quicker way forward then it maybe also good to quickly phone up the support /sales teams in the meantime too.

i had a look on the knowledgebase here, but im not 100% sure yet:
the migration page might just be still awaiting an update though:

but if the stability is hardware related, maybe one way would be to migrate from your existing B800fs to another identical B800fs (but if the problem lies elsewere it may not address the intermittent access).