Migrating data from Public to new shares

I currently have all my data on the public share, and decided to break up the data into separate shares for Backups, Movies, Shows, etc.

Is there any way to move the data without having it going from the drobo, to the PC, then back to the drobo across the network? Maybe move internally between the shares? I couldn’t find any information on this. Does anyone know if this is possible?



Have you tried creating the Shares you wanted in Drobo Dashboard, and launch Windows Explorer / Finder and move the contents to the respective Shares this way?

The fastest way to do what you want is to install OpenSSH onto the Drobo5N, then log into the Drobo5N using SFTP and MOVE (mv command) the items between shares. This works great for me and you can move stuff instantly from one share to another.

Great info. I will try this![hr]

Thanks, Kelvin - that’s the method that I am currently using. Not getting “Great” results with thruput, was looking for something to copy it “locally” on the drobo - I think I’m going to try the MV command as posted above…

Does anyone know if you can “extend” a share size or “shrink” a share size? I think it only applies to “Time Machine” enabled shares. I am new to Drobo 5N.