Migrating Data from Drobo 4 Bay to Drobo FS

Hey Guys,

What is the best way to migrate data from an old Drobo to a Drobo FS ? I have my FS directly connected to my airport extreme.

My old Drobo has the droboshare attachment … but i think that is connected by USB to the Drobo.

I guess i should hook my old drobo up to my laptop using firewire and then connect my laptop to the airport extreme for copying ?

Any thoughts ?


Old Drobo on Firewire to your laptop, laptop hardwired GigE to the GigE switch (or router) the FS is on. That would give you max speed IMO, unless the laptop is incredibly slow CPU-wise.

It’s not possible to directly swap the disk pack, is it? Hell of a lot faster than anything else. Otherwise, bhiga’s solution is spot-on.

Pretty much anything to FS means data copy. Can’t move the disk pack without the disk pack’s data being wiped.

Thanks for the clarification. It seems rather odd that the Drobo S accepts disk pack migrations but the FS doesn’t. But this is the Word of God, so I guess that’s that.

The major difference between the FS units and the non-FS units are how the filesystem is handled.
FS units have an embedded OS that does the sharing, so the filesystem of the pack must be something the embedded OS can handle.

The non-FS units rely on the attached computer to interpret and manage the filesystem, so they’re a bit more portable, though there are still exceptions on migrations even between non-FS units.

I am struck dumb by… well, how dumb I was not to think of that. You’d think with all the SSH’ing I’ve done and complaining about Linux issues on the FS that I would have recalled that only network-enabled Drobo’s need a setup like this.

I often miss the obvious as well, I guess we’re just too geeky and look for the “tough” problems first. :slight_smile:

I am considering going from Drobo w Droboshare to Drobo FS but have just discovered I need to copy the data over -can’t just swap drives. This will take forever across Wireless.
Someone mentioned Connecting the Drobo to PC and using Firewire to get fastest performance.
Question: But once Drobo is using Droboshare isn’t the Data formatted in such a way that it can only be used across DroboShare and cannot then be used across Firewire. Please tell me I can still hook it up using Firewire directly.

A DroboShare can use multiple different filesystems. As I recall you can choose what the format of the Drobo is if you format it from Dashboard. You should be able to look in Dashboard somehow and see what you used. Can’t remember where that information is, I sent my Droboshare back a couple of years ago after only having it a couple of weeks.

Darkhorse, the drobo (4-slot i believe youre using) does not need droboshare to be connected to a computer… the droboshare just adds extra sharing options.
i have my drobo connected via usb cable (to a usb1/usb2.0 port on my pc)

i’ve never used firewire (never really had the need for it - the usb interface seems to work just fine for me so i never bought a firewire cable to see if i get improvements)

btw bhiga if the Drobo FS manages more of the filesystem itself (rather then relying on a computer) does that mean the FS is a bit less prone to filesystem corruption?

[quote=“Paul, post:11, topic:2364”]btw bhiga if the Drobo FS manages more of the filesystem itself (rather then relying on a computer) does that mean the FS is a bit less prone to filesystem corruption?
Yes, unless it crashes or is “hard” restarted, then it’s just like doing the same to a regular computer direct-attached to a Drobo.
So overall, yes, as the assumption is the FS’s operating system will suffer from crashes far less often than a typical computer.

Also, you can’t accidentally trip over the cable and disconnect the data connection between the FS’s embedded OS and the drive system.

Correct me if I’m wrong But Once I have data Formatted on my Drobo. I cannot change the Format from EXT3 to then utilize Firewire to then move my Data to new Drobo

In the case of Drobo FS, the volume is only accessible from the network, so you can’t direct-connect as a removable drive at all.

In the case of Drobo + DroboShare, you can reformat the Drobo as whatever supported filesystem you want, but the DroboShare will only be able to share it if the filesystem is one it supports (mainly this means you haven’t done any weird partitioning or other no-nos).

Sorry I am not explaining myself very well.
I have 600Gb of data on my Drobo the Drobo is formatted as EXT3 to allow Droboshare.
Can I now connect the Drobo using Firewire to move the Data to a new Drobo FS ?
While I am here is there a performance increase using the Drobo FS across Wireless WIFI, over Drobo plus DroboShare across Wireless WIFI?

Ahh, okay. Yes, as long as your OS supports EXT3, you can direct-connect Drobo to your computer and use your computer to transfer the data to Drobo FS.

Drobo FS in general should be faster than DroboShare.

I recently moved to a drobo, the best way if you have two NAS drives, IMO is to use drobo apps to set them both up with FTP servers, download a program called Flash FXP. What this does is makes the two FTP servers talk to each other directly and leave the computer out of the situation. Doing so I was able to copy files at about 5mbp/s over ethernet… in addition it is FTP based, thus if there is a failure, it tells you on what file and you can resume, unlike a windows data transfer when you have to start all over.

So is there a reference to which OS can read EXT3?

Linux reads ext3 natively. Windows and Mac don’t have built in support, but you can install drivers and/or software to allow them to at least ready ext3. Check Google.

FYI, anything that reads EXT2 will read EXT3 as well - it just won’t be able to use extra features like file system journaling.