Migrate from 2nd Gen to 5N


Does this article: https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01448 apply to a 2nd Gen migration to 5N migration as well?

I want to move my drives to a 5N and I don’t have extra drives handy to just do a copy. The data is not critical but I’d be really pissed off if I lose anything.

you cannot directly swap hard drives from the gen2 to the 5n…the formats are different. you will need to add drives to the 5n and copy your files over to it manually.

hi, just to follow on from dragon,

depending on how much data you have on your gen2 drobo currently, and which mode of redundancy you have, like single SDR or dual DDR, and also depending on how feasible it is to obtain or buy another blank drive, then there might be a way to “indirectly” do this…

however, if the data is important, there is a chance of less integrity doing it like this…

the idea, in essence, would be something along the lines of setting up a 5n with a fresh diskpack, (ideally you would have 2 new empty drives for this, of the same size), and then copying enough data from the gen2 onto the 5n just as dragon mentions, say up to 94% of the 5n’s free space,

and then, after verifying the data copied ok, to then remove that copied data from the gen2, and after letting the gen2 settle for a bit, to watch dashboard fully reclain the used blocks and show that much freed up, then if there is enough space on the drobo gen2, to remove a drive (when stable and finished copying some data), and to let the gen2 downgrade and rebuild itself…

then once complete, you could put the removed drive into the 5N, and when the 5N has assimilated it, you could then copy another batch of data, and repeat the process slowly, step by step, until all the data is complete.

This might be an option for you, though because the downgrading or rebuilding etc, does put the drives to work, there is always a risk that a weaker drive could fail, so dragons method is best, and if you did want to try it this other way, then i would still try to make a backup at least of just the most important data somewhere, if possible, before trying.