Migrate DroboPro to another PC

is it possible to migrate DroboPro to another PC and access the data?
I just took my home drobopro and installed it to the PC at work. Dashboard is detecting it and iSCSI is logged on but there is no drive letter assigned to the volume.

When i enter disk management it sees it as an unformatted partition and is asking me to initialize the disk. I think that if I initialize it, the MBR will be erased and I will lose all data.

Any toughts?

What OS was the home PC and the work PC?
Did you remove the drives from the Pro when you moved it?

Hi Jennifer,

Both OS’s are Windows XP64 Professional.
No I did not remove any HDD.

The volume was 16TB large with 1 disk redundancy.

The wierd thing is that now it doesn’t work at home either (the same problem)

Could there be an incompatibility issue between xp64 and 16TB Volume ? But if there was, then why did it work almost 1 week perfectly.

Wow, I’m not even sure how you were able to format to 16TB with Win XP.

Win XP 32 or 64 bit has a size limitation of 2TB.

:slight_smile: so from your Wow should I understand that could be the issue?

I have just reformated it again and still 16TB (loosing all the data offcourse)

It works perfectly on USB/FW/LAN

What should I do… what if it happens again

And you are on Windows XP?

windows xp64 professional sp2

XP doesn’t support more than 2TB volumes. So if you somehow managed to create a 16TB volume (not sure how you did that), XP won’t see it. But hey – it used to be 4GB was the limit, remember?

Buy a Mac? -:slight_smile: Downgrade to Vista? -:frowning: Wait for Windows 7? :-? Reformat everything once again?

Your choice.

I’ve switched to Vista and it works but with a glitch. I’ve reconfigured Drobo trough USB and after that put it on iSCSI. It works perfectly but the dashboard does not conect to the drive. It is no problem with the firewall or blocked port , I’ve disabled the firewall and unlocked the port to iSCSI mine is 3260. is there anothe port that Dashboard is using? Am I missing something…
Any Ideeas ?