Migrate Drobo to a compatible system

I have a Drobo 8D, but am now told that it will not work with the new Mac OS Ventura. What are my options?
Will there be an update to Dashboard?
Is there another software option I can switch to?
If I switch to a different brand of storage, are there any that are compatible with the hard drives I have, without losing data?

1: Many
2: No one knows
3: maybe SoftRaid after you wipe it
4: see above.

my suggestion: get something from a different company, I picked OWC, some people went with Synology. make a backup and keep drobo for as long as you can, then try to play with it and SoftRAID… thats what I’m doing not so I got working OWC Raid, Drobo as backup and if it stops working cause of software I’ll play a bit with it

Not sure I understand. Have you wiped the disks in the Drobo and are now using the Drobo as regular enclosure because you have installed Ventura? Or haven’t yet updated to Ventura, have set up SoftRAID on an OWC Thunderbay to test out that enclosure with Drobo still running its own software?

OWC is running SoftRAID
Drobo is running Drobo software.
Haven’t updated to Ventura and trying not to because of other issues like Drobo.

When I upgrade to Ventura… maybe next week, I’ll see if Drobo still works. If it doesn’t, I’ll try to use upgraded SoftRAID that works with 3rd party. This will wipe the Drobo but I am using it as backup now

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i. have upgraded to Ventura and had no issue. I have a Drobo 8D as well. I made sure I had the latest firmware and dashboard that was needed for the last update.

I dimounted drobo, did the update, rebooted and all fine. I have seen a lot of reports that they had no issue so far

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