Messed Up...AGAIN!

A couple of days back, I got the notification for 1.15 firmware and updated it. It supposedly upgraded fine and I was was able to use the device for ONE day.

Today, I just see an orange light at the bottom right side of DroboPro. I tried powering it off and restarting and it starts back into the bootup process, I get the green lights under all the drives and the capacity gauge starts at 30% and keeps going up but before it reached 80% (which is how much data it has), the green lights go off and the orange light comes back up at the bottom right.

I’ve ejected all the drives and then tried powering it up but I get that same orange light after a few seconds.

Frankly, all I want to do now is get access to my data and throw this POS device. I have already lost about 2TB the first time it crashed. Gonna move to UNRAID or something along that lines. Please help!

Need a lot more info… How are you running it - in what modes etc

Have you gone back to tried and true USB 2.0 and seen if that solves the issue.

Operating System - etc…

I am using it through Firewire 800 on my Mac Mini. However, even if that is disconnected, I still get the orange light after the bootup process.

Did you try a hard reset? - as in unplug from computer - shut down compleately etc…

If not i would try that - personalyl I think FW support is the problem… you should try it on USB and see if the issue is resolved.

Definitely start with USB. Firewire adds another layer of complexity.

since you’ve already established it wont finish its startup without any drives in it, i would personally keep all the drives (and therefore my data) out of it until you have fixed the problem!

however - you say it has all green under the drives, and the capacity is indicated correctly. this does imply that it has finished its boot sequence. The orange light sounds like its finished booting, hasnt detected a computer, and has put itself in standby. so i would definitely try a different connection. its possible either a bad/loose cable, or a failure of one of the ports on the back of it may have co-incidentally occurred at the same time as your firmware upgrade (its also possible the firmware has caused an interface problem in your case).

try usb or iscsi if available and see if the computer detects it (and it stays on and doesnt go into standby - which is what i think is happening.)