Message "Warning: Data Protection In Process"

Hi I am still running a gen 2 Drobo (4 bay) and recently one of the disks went full and I swapped it as per procedure with a larger disk.

Drobo is now, through the dashboard, giving me an alert “Warning: Data Protection In Process” and it takes 180 hours to rebuild the data.

All good so far… (fingers crossed)

  1. Does my Drobo need to stay connected to my computer for the entire 180 hours? And does my computer need to remain powered on for the 180 hours?

  2. how can I see what Drobo is doing. I only see the lights flashing (red-green) and the timer going down)

No and No. The Drobo does not have to stay connected to the computer. It will complete the rebuild process on its own. The rough estimate for rebuild time is about 24 hours per TB. You also cannot ‘see’ what progress the Drobo is making unfortunately.

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Just another reference: I am currently just finishing up an upgrade to my 5D from 5x6TB to a modified array with 2x14TB (+ 3x6TB). The upgrade process was only 26 hours for each 14TB HDD to complete Data Protection, but I ensured that there was no external access by other users to the remaining data on the Drobo during the Data Protection process. The 6TB HDDs that were replaced were at 85% capacity at the time so for me it has been considerably faster than 24hrs per TB of data.

EDIT: the second 14TB has just completed its Data Protection sequence and it took 28.5 hours. I assume that was slightly longer due to some data distribution between the two 14TB.