MediaTomb UPnP Server 0.12.0 (SVN)


This package contains a statically-compiled build of the MediaTomb UPnP Server. Its basic function is to allow you to stream audio, video and images to compliant UPnP/DLNA devices such as the Playstation 3. It is similar to FUPPES in functionality, but allows for more flexibility with options such as transcoding at the expense of a slightly more verbose configuration file.

NOTE Transcoding of video is right out with the current DroboShare, though experiments with audio might be more interesting though still limited. Both http://mediatomb.cc and Google will assist you if you’re going to brave this, but you’re on your own.

NOTE 2 At this time the X-Box 360 is not supported as it requires a custom extension to the UPnP A/V spec, though support is being worked on. You’ll need to use FUPPES in the meantime.


The package itself simply unpacks like any other DroboApp and attempts to load itself at boot time. It also has a simple ‘stop’ and ‘restart’ script. Please use ‘restart’ if you have used ‘stop’, ‘start’ is for boot time only.

By default the MediaTomb configuration page binds to http://(Drobo IP):49152/

NOTE You WILL need to edit the config.xml file if you have changed your share name from ‘Drobo’. By default it is configured to simply serve media to most devices. There is a default.config.xml in case you wish to look over the default settings.

(Originally I had planned for the startup script to keep track of share names automagically so the average user would never have to edit config.xml. However, it turns out the DroboShare’s build of busybox is missing ‘sed’ despite there being a symlink in /bin/ for it.)

Build Configuration:

curl: yes
external transcoding: yes
ffmpeg: missing
ffmpegthumbnailer: missing
id3lib: disabled
inotify: missing
libdvdnav: disabled
libexif: yes
libextractor: disabled
libjs: yes
libmagic: yes
libmp4v2: yes
mysql: disabled
sqlite3: yes
taglib: yes

This program was statically compiled without modifications to the original sources. For license compliance, relevant code and documentation may be obtained at the following locations:

MediaTomb: http://mediatomb.cc
– curl: http://curl.haxx.se/
– libexif: http://libexif.sourceforge.net/
– libjs: http://www.mozilla.org/js/spidermonkey/
– libmagic: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libmagic
– libmp4v2: http://resare.com/libmp4v2/
– sqlite3: http://www.sqlite.org/
– taglib: http://developer.kde.org/~wheeler/taglib.html

Additional Information:
Source URL: http://mediatomb.cc

Author: November
License/Price: GPL


I must be missing something, but where is the actual download link for the compiled package?

Hi Eitan,
You’re absolutely right about the missing link. Here is the actual download link: MediaTomb UPnP Server 0.12.0 (SVN)