MediaTomb Drobo App

MediaTomb a UPnP media server, is now available as a Drobo App for the Drobo 5N. It is available as an install from Drobo Dashboard.

Because the App conforms with the Drobo Apps SDK 2.0, users should be able to install, stop, start, manage and uninstall the App from within Drobo Dashboard.

The App is baed on MediaTomb’s build version 0.12.1_1

Plese note that MediaTomb has less features than Plex, and it is a project that has not been updated in a very long time. However, the App is fully functional and should be considered as an option for Advanced users that are looking for a smaller resource footprint.

The main project’s site is located at

Because this is a community supported App, this thread should be used to provide feedback and any improvements. However all users are encouraged to visit the following link for support