Media Server App Bt home Hub issue

I recently changed my IPS provider from sky to BT.
Since switching to BT ‘s Home hub 4 I have been experiencing a problem with all Media Server apps on my droboFS.

The issue is consistent when connected wirelessly and wired with all Media server apps (MediaTomb, minidlna, fuppes) I have tested.

The MediaServer connection remains connected my devices for no longer than 20 minutes, then connection drops off/out, I have to disconnect the device from my network and reconnect it inorder to re-establish the connection with the Media server app. I am having this issue with my LG smart TV and WD TV Play.

My shares remain connected the entire time and I can still access my DroboFS from all computers on the network. I am sure the issue is with my new router but I just wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing the same issue as I am.


hi tmp
if the only thing that changed is the hardware hub, it could be the hub itself.

can you connect to it directly in your browser, maybe via this?

if it brings up a config page, dont change anything, but have a look at the settings and options there in case related in the meantime[hr]
also, did you have to specify anything on the fs/fs apps that related to the skyhub?
maybe a macaddress or another identifier?

Thanks thanks Paul

It’s definitely the Bt Hub I have been through my settings many times and I am sure they are correct.

hmm i saw that link (minus the full stop at the end) :slight_smile: and it seems there are lots more underlying issues with homehub (hh4) …

(it could just be a newer product with oversights and bugs, or you never know it could be on purpose for furure business plans so you never know) … but i would try ringing them up, so they know you are not happy, and also try to find out the differences between a hh3 and a hh4, and to see if you can get a hh3 from them if it is ok to use, because unless hh4 fixed a security concern or something, then newer isnt always better im afraid)

keep ringing them though, as maybe with enough people they will release a firmware or something to address the issue

Cheers Paul,

In the end I decided to use my Airport Extreme instead of the HH4 and everything works fine now like it use to. I spoke to BT and they said they are aware of issue but no word on a firmware update anytime soon.

sorry about the full stop lol

its cool that you got it working with your AE, and not that bad if they openly acknowledged it… hopefull they’ll contact you when they have a fix (but you’d probably have to contact them to be sure in future) :slight_smile:

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