Meaning of the blue capacity lights

The blue capacity lights seem to work the wrong way round for me. I wish they measured the free space, rather than the percentage used.

In the two weeks that I’ve had my drobo I’ve got a stiff neck from peeking at the lights[color=#FF0000]†[/color], wondering if there are 8 or 9 of them on. If it were the other way around, I’d be able to see instantly whether I had one or two lights on.

Is this the sort of thing that could be altered by a choice in the dashboard, or is it hard-wired in the box?

[color=#FF0000]†[/color] Or maybe I just didn’t swallow my male virility pill fast enough?

Each blue light represents 10% of used capacity and so far users has no means of changing that.

I guess that would require changes to the Dashboard and the firmware as well. The one interesting thing I’ve came across while peeking at the decoded logfile, was some notice regarding switching the control of the LED-bar from “something” to “something”. I don’t remember how that was phrased exactly, but I think that the calculation of the capacity and driving of the LEDs could be done either by the Drobo (its firmware) itself OR by the Drobo Dashboard.

BTW, my OCD kicked in at least few times when I caught myself counting the dots while knowing exactly how many of them are lighted up, so I guess your idea isn’t that bad at all :wink:

If you really need to know, I’d stick a few pieces of colored vinyl tape above the warning point(s) of interest.

I just look at the Dashboard.

I would look at the dashboard more if I had the version that used to show used space and capacity in the flyover message of the system icon. There’s even a really irritating photograph of this useful facility in my user guide (It’s the “Hot Tip” at the top of page 9). :frowning:

Now you got me curious to the granularity of the tray icon’s graph…