MBP Replacement: won't start w/Drobo (2nd G) in...

Hi everyone,

I have a peculiar problem that I was hoping you might be able to help me with.
I have a 2nd generation Drobo (FW800) that I connect using the FW800 cable. I just recently had to have my Macbook Pro’s logic board replaced (‘motherboard’ to all of us in the PC world :slight_smile: ), and since that point in time, if I try to boot up the MBP with the FW800 cable connected, I never get presented with the “login” screen (where it lists the accounts) – it just flashes to the light blue color it typically shows right before you get to that screen…and then never fades down to the account screen. This is confirmed to only happen if the Drobo is plugged in. Also, I have completely reformatted my MBP in the meantime, and that didn’t make a difference as to the above-mentioned problem. If I unplug the Drobo (FW800), all boots up fine; however, this is somewhat of a worry to me, as it might be indicating some larger underlying problem.

Any suggestions or thoughts? I’m honestly of the thought that both DR and Apple might point the finger at each other (though DR has been very accommodating in the past), and taking either/or in for fixes can be an issue, since I teach college and use both extensively … on a daily basis.
Again, any suggestions are hugely appreciated!


If it were a PC I’d look at the boot order (sounds like it’s trying to boot from the Drobo) - but I don’t know how to access such things on a Mac.

Definitely check the boot order.