Maxing-out My 5D - The 64TB Question

I am looking to max-out the HDD Capacity of my 5D.
All firmware is up to date and it can accept up to 64TB - it currently has 46TB in HDD loaded which reports a Raw Capacity of 41.83TB.

So is that Drobo 64TB limit on the HDD capacity OR the Raw Capacity of the Drobo Array?

Using the Drobo Capacity Calculator I can load up:
2x14TB + 3x12TB = 64TB - but that presents a Raw Capacity of only 58.2TB
If however an alternate slightly larger array is chosen, it gives me:
5x14TB = 70TB - presenting a Raw Capacity of 63.66TB (ie 64TB)

So which is it?

I received the answer from Drobo Support:

“The volume is limited to 64TB, so it will be the usable capacity and not the raw. You can put 5x14TB drives in the unit, which will results in 4x14TB usable space (1 drive for redundancy) which is ~56TB”

Further clarification received:
The maximum 64TB Volume limit extends the Raw Capacity Limit as permissible useable space. This can be achieved with 80TB (5x16TB) HDD capacity, as conceptually, 4x16TB (= 64TB) is used for data and 1x16TB provides the redundancy.

Though not yet included in the Drobo Capacity Calculator, the Drobo can accept 16TB HDDs.

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Thanks! About to purchase a new drive for my Drobo, and the 16TB drives are on sale at the moment.