Maximum size of disks and total capacity for 5N

1.Does anyone know the total capacity of the 5N?
2. and what the maximum disk size is? Is it the same as the 5N2? I have 2x12TB and 3x10TB and working fine.
3.The Drobo capacity calculator only lists the 5N2 so not sure if it also works for 5Ns.
4. Even so, it only lists 14TB disks and they make them larger now. Will larger disk sizes work?
5. The capacity calculator says if you fill the 5N2 with 14 TB drives (70TB in total), you only get 50.84 TB for storage, although Drobo only uses 12.82TB for protection and 91.26GB for Overhead. Something doesn’t add up. What happened to the rest of the space?

I had a similar question earlier and approached Drobo:

Thank you for pointing this Drobo technical response out to me. Glad to know I can put 5x16 TB disks (80TB) in the 5N, but giving me a usable 64TB of space, with single disk redundancy. What would it be with dual disk redundancy? According to the Drobo capacity charts, 5x14TB in the 5N (70TB), only gives you 52TB of usable space with single disc redundancy and 38 TB of usable space with dual disk redundancy.
So, with dual disk redundancy with 5x16TB, I might expect some 45 TB of usable space. Overall, I think the thing that makes the most sense is to wait to change out the 10 TB drives for 16 TB drives, thus nearly doubling my capacity.