Maximum file size?

I’ve run into an issue trying to copy some large files from my mac to the 5N. The error message on the mac is " can’t be copied because it is too large for the volume’s format."

The files in question are iTunes Extras files (.ite extension) and in the 5-6 GB range. It seems that they should be supported, but perhaps I’m wrong?

Is there a file size limit, and if yes, is it possible to work around it?

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK that shoudlnt be an issue

my drobo 5n was populated almost entirely with 20-30gb files

can you try it from a differnet computer?

The largest file size on a 5N should be (at least) 2 TB. The error message you are seeing may be a limitation of the protocol involved. Are you mounting the Drobo share using SMB, AFP, or NFS?

(just wondering, are you able to copy that file from the mac, to another location on the mac as a test?)
i’ve had some “free space” related messages on windows before, which were actually because of file permissions[hr]
if it lets you copy that file to the mac, can you then try to copy that copy, to the drobo too?

Interesting. I took a look at the same file via a Windows7 VM under Parallels, and the .ITE file actually shows as a very large directory. I was able to copy/move it thru standard Windows File Explorer with no issues.

I guess this is a mac finder bug then?

[quote=“goestoeleven, post:5, topic:135698”]
I guess this is a mac finder bug then?[/quote]
It might be. Can you see the files in a Terminal, if you cd to the folder and then ls -la for a directory listing?

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I think you’re on to something:

If I use ls -la I see the files shown with .ite extensions.

If I use ls -lAF I see the directories with .ite extensions.

Still strikes me as weird!