Maximum Disk Size?

I have several instances of the Drobo 4-bay (2nd generation) systems and all have the latest version of firmware and Drobo Dashboard installed. Two are on Macs, and one on W7 (eventually to be W10).

My question is this…

Given no other changes, and continued happy and healthy hardware, what is the maximum physical disk size that these systems can support? Could I put an 8 TB disk in this these things?

Thanks in advance to all for sharing your experiences, and thanks especially to the Drobo folks for their help and support in the past.

And FYI, the current configuration looks like this…

Drobo A - 4 x 3TB
Drobo B & C - 4 x 1.5 TB

Thanks, JC

Drobo Gen2 4-bay (USB2.0, Firewire) model is a old Drobo. The firmware hasn’t been updated for some time.

I will say… stay at 4TB HDD for best compatibility. 5TB maybe ok. BUT I won’t go 6TB or 8TB drive.