Max mSATA SSD size??

I am trying to find out what the current max mSATA SSD size that is supported by the drobo mini? I have searched and the answers are all old. Some say 64GB. I was curious to know if the drobo mini would utilize a 500GB or even 1TB mSATA drive for caching etc. thanks

hi thats a good point - even the tech spec pdf doesnt seem to mention it :slight_smile:

I need to know the same thing. I would like to add a 1TB Samsung mSATA SSD to the accelerator bay of my drobo mini. Has anyone tried it?

IM sure this has been covered already, but is the mSATA drive necessary in the accelerator bay of my Mini Drobo, if I am using SSD’s?

hi cheech, thats also a good question :slight_smile:

im thinking that any data that is pre-cached upon a single msata, would be a bit quicker than that which is coming off a pool of drives, though the benefit does not sound like it would be much in the case of using ssds - but im always open to other input on this.

I have no idea but I would think the mSATA might slow things down when used with SSDs. Aren’t mSATAs generally slower that SATA type SSDs?