Max Capacity is only 2TB?

Hello all,

I have a Drobo 5D with five 3TB HDDs formatted in HFS+ filesystem. WHen I open the dashboard, it shows 6 different volumes with max capacity at 2TB each. Isn’t it supposed to be 15TB? Why the different volumes? I’m attaching the screenshot from the dashboard.

This is confusing. Could someone please give me some insight? THank you!


Unfortunately, due to the poor explanation of the set up software, you fell for the same trap as I did.
When you initially set up the Drobo, it asked you something about drive capacities (it was some time ago I did mine), you assume it means capacity including single or dual disc redundancy and select a lower number than you would.

I had 3x 4TB drives in mine, I wanted dual disc redundancy so selected a 4TB volume. What I actually got was 3x 4TB volumes.

You put in 2TB which then created a new 2TB volume each time there is space to do so.

As you have limited your drive capacities to 2TB, with 5 drives, you can only have a maximum of 10TB.

Joyously (and thanks to Drobo), there is no way to change this after the initial set up. You have to back up all of your data, format the Drobo and set it up again.