Mavericks lockup

Trying to get to the bottom of why my MacMini is locking up running the Mavericks GM. It was working solid as a rock on 10.8.4, it has a 2nd Gen Drobo attached via FireWire.

Since installing the GM, the Mini has locked up completely (nothing in logs) 5 times but the GM has been rock solid on my MBP. The main difference between the two devices is the Drobo. (mini is from early 2009, 13" MBP from Mid 2009).

Has anyone else had problems with the Lockups under Mavericks, with or without a Drobo connected?

Does your Mac Mini have problems without the Drobo attached?
When I see “I upgraded to the Gold Master of a future OS and now I have problems,” quite a few possibilities come to mind, and not all are about the external storage unit. :slight_smile:

Thank You RDO, I was thinking Drobo Mini. Tarasis, does this happen on USB? Also as stated earlier please make sure you only have one cable connected to data port on back of Drobo. If this continues to be an issue please email me.

My 2012 Mini was rebooting at random intervals (average every 3 hours) when my Gen2 Drobo was connected via Firewire.

I moved it to USB and it’s been rock solid since.

This same Gen2 Drobo was attached to my Late2009 iMac via FW and never had a moments trouble.

@RDO Well Mavericks is no longer a future OS, out today for everyone, free :slight_smile: Yes it could be something OS related, it could be a driver related issue hence I wanted to ask if anyone else was having the issue under Mavericks. Both the Mac Mini & the 2nd Gen Drobo have been rock solid under 10.8.x.

@DroboMod apologies for the confusion. I haven’t yet switched it to USB, I will do so soon and let you know. Though I’m not looking forward to the speed hit.

@mgriffin34 where you running Mavericks?

No, sorry. Forgot to mention this was on 10.8 (Mountain Lion). After reading Console logs, I saw the FW driver was causing the reboot. It would only happen when the FW port was ‘under load’. At idle, no problem.

I think it is something specific to certain brands of FW chipset in some models of Mac.

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