Mapped shares not updating max capacity after upgrade to drives


I’m a novice admin that has just upgraded my 8-drive DroboPro FS from 3TB drives to 6TB drives, resulting in an increase of capacity from 16TB (after dual-disk redundancy) to 32TB.

Dashboard and firmware are up to date, status is green, and the volume correctly reflects this change in capacity.

However, my Windows 8.1 x64 mapped network drives DO NOT reflect the increase in capacity. I assumed (possibly incorrectly?) that this would automatically update. AFAICT the Drobo volume itself is fully allocated/partitioned/etc (not sure the correct term).

What can I do to trigger/verify a capacity increase on the client side? Or, what Dashboard admin steps can I take to increase the capacity available to clients?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

Drobo Tech Support was very helpful. They instructed me that Windows 8.1 x64 has a 16TB limit for drives. On Drobo Dashboard, under Shares -> Share Settings -> Add Share, I can see that there is Volume 1 and Volume 2 available, 16TB max each, for 32TB of space total. I didn’t realize/notice this previously. So, I created a new share on the 2nd 16TB volume, and voila, more space on my client machine.

I have the same issue. Strangely though, after creating another share the other volume, each volume each shows 16TB in Windows, but my drobo box only has 24TB of total storage.

It will always report 16TB of free space. I hate that it doesn’t tell you the real size but I think its part to expendability tech.