Manually install JumboFrames?


Ive been unable to install JumboFrames through the admin utility. Mainly bc i havent been able to get it to work. I think it was my fauly however because I installed it before apache.

The only app I really care for it JumboFrames. Is there a way I can install this without going through the admin utility?

I have extracted the 2 shell files, where should I place them?

Also what other steps are needed to have jumbo frames over a network. I have backed up my blu ray collection and am getting very choppy frame rates when streaming via ethernet from drobo to mac mini.

Any tips on correcting this problem would be greatly appreciated. Also, will I also need JumboFrames on my mac mini?

thanks in advance

you will need jumbo frames on the mini, and also all of your network hardware will need to support it. if it’s not gigabit, it definitely does’t support it. and if your switch isn’t gigabit, just upgrading that will probably make your problem go away.

also if you’re trying to do this over wireless, that definitely won’t work, as it doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle what you want it to do. (also wireless doesn’t support jumbo frames)

it’s not an app or something you install, it’s a setting in drobo admin, and should have nothing to do with installing apache.

and not saying you did, but the way that some torrent clients work will cause extreme fragmentation on the drobo (or whatever else they are writing to) which will cause dramatic slowdowns.