manual volume management

So far the drobopro has been very robust compared to the v1&2 till now.

I tried to switch the Volume management from automatic to manual and added a second volume and hit apply. The dashboard spun for quite a while and then all of a sudden everything turned red on the DroboPro and it said all my disks are bad. I removed all the drives and then reseated them. Now everything looks fine but the 2nd volume says unknown format and is simply named “Drobo” Should I delete and recreate the volume or simply format it in Disk Utility?

osx 10.5.8
dashboard 1.5.1
firmware 1.1.1

oh, one other thing for people at Drobo, the manual has some misinformation about manual volume managment. Copy/Paste from the manual:

This is incorrect since when I switched to Manual the software warned me that I can’t change back to automatic management unless I reformat the entire DroboPro.

So you have to do everything one step at a time otherwise the drobo throws a fit. Switch to Manual mode, hit apply, reboot, change/add voumes, apply, reboot. Try to do 3 steps at a time and hit apply and Drobopro gets angry.