Manual IP Discovery

I have my DP in my basement plugged into my switch, I brought my laptop downstairs and configured the iscsi with a manual IP, via usb. Disconnected the usb and I’m able to access the DP wirelessly from the laptop only. I’m trying to connect to it from my desktop, but can’t. I’ve tried while the laptop is on connected to the DP, and I’ve also powered off the laptop and tried to connect w/ my desktop using drobo dashboards manual ip discovery, but it can’t find the DP. How can I connect to the DP from multiple pc’s on my home network?

OK so I setup my Drobo via USB on my laptop, created 3 volumes all formatted NTFS, setup the IP & subnet, applied, then powered down the drobo. Unplugged the usb and plugged the drobo into my switch then powered on. I can only access the drobo via the laptop on my network. My desktop will not see it even using drobo dashboard via auto discovery or by manual ip. I can ping the drobo from my desktop but can’t access it.

hi bob,
is the laptop and desktop having the same version of OS on it? just wondering in case theres something there,
and does the desktop have any antivirus/firewall that you could temporarily disable just in case its the cause too?