Managing a Drobo S over eSATA

Hi All,

I have a Drobo S (1st Gen) hooked up via eSATA to a Mac. I can access all my files just fine but I can’t connect to Drobo Dashboard. Dashboard will just say “ready for connection” until I plug it in via USB. I have the latest Drobo firmware and Dashboard update.

I have read from several people on here that you can use Dashboard over eSATA, and some people who can’t. Can someone clear this up for me? If you have gotten it to work, can you please share how you got it done?


I called support when I got my Drobo and was trying to get it set up. Finder saw it, but dashboard did not over eSATA. Basically they said something along the lines of ‘all eSATA ports are not created equal’ and that not all provided the ‘full bandwidth’ of eSATA.

From looking around on the issue is looks more like a issue with feature support on the eSATA port. Specifically the port must support port replication, which many inexpensive chipsets or cards do no implement.

They do have specific cards they recommend on the KB somewhere that they know will work with the Drobo, but not all of them are OSX compatible.

It needs multi-LUN support, which is implied in port multiplier support.

Most of the Silicon Image chips are port-multiplier-friendly.

Look up the supported models, find out which model SiI chip they’re using, then find an OS X-supported model that uses the same chip.

So far it seems most motherboard-embedded eSATA ports do not support port multipliers.