Making Droboshare apps DroboFS compatible

I finally got my hands on a DroboFS and I cannot believe they didn’t make the app support backward compatible as it seems the binaries will for the Droboshare will run on the DroboFS. There should be a list of system changes between the two, but I guess for now we will have to use the force.

Anyway, I’ve found that it is fairly simple to create a that you can drop into your old droboshare apps and have them run both the droboshare and the drobofs.

Here is an example:

#!/bin/sh for the DroboFS

This should allow droboapps from the Droboshare to operate on the DroboFS.

It is an attempt to remidy the lack of a compatibilty mode or migration path for Droboshare apps.

Most Droboshare Apps will run on the DroboFS without modification if they can be started and

shutdown properly.

Just read the comments and edit what they tell you to edit (search for ‘change’), add to your

Droboshare app and then it should work on both the Droboshare and the DroboFS.

Other Notes:

Since the is very poorly documented here are some things that will help. will be called with with either a start, stop, restart or status.

When called there are several enviorment variables that are very helpful for you to use in

starting up your App.

DROBOAPPS_DIR=’/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps’ or the drobo apps directory on your machine.

yoics_enable=‘YES’ There will be a listing of all apps on the box, not just yours.


I wish it had a “directory of droboshare mount” like in previous releases but we can infer that

from the DROBOAPPS_DIR like so $DROBOAPPS_DIR/…/

Old method of calling ([service_name]

$1 is name of droboshare

$2 is directory of droboshare mount

$3 is path to instalation directory


read this file first if you want to modify anything

. /etc/service.subr

Required DroboApps variables (do not change)

prog_dir=dirname \realpath $0``

Put your service name here (change). Must be the same as your start and stop files

ie. [service] and [service]


Put your version number here (change)


Other variables

pidfile=${prog_dir}/log/${name}.pid # location of pid file (change to real one) so status will work
logfile=${prog_dir}/startup.log # location of log file

Your Custom Variables (change if needed)

In my case I need a different default configuation file for the drobo-fs than the droboshare


Set Paths


#log startup
echo “service $0 called with command $1” >> $STARTLOG

set files (change if you need any special processing for every call)

#special check for Yoics, this needs to be done before Droboshare start because
#we need a different config file as the Droboshare and DroboFS have different
#networking adapter names.

First check for yoics.txt



case “$1” in

echo "start call" >> $STARTLOG

echo “stop call” >> $STARTLOG

echo "restart call" >> $STARTLOG
sleep 3

echo “status call” >> $STARTLOG
echo “Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart|status]”
exit 1

The service script difference is minor and might make the package format compatible, but beware that both devices use different toolchains and distribute different libraries and versions of C which could potentially cause issues.

DroboShare: /
Drobo FS: /

Just keep this in mind for anyone who tries this. See the SDK docs for the DroboShare and the DroboFS for a full list of the libraries on each device.

If its an issue for your App you can always include the tool chain libraries you used in your app.