Making a homemade recycle bin?

I’m looking for a way to make myself a home made recycle bin since there is none on drobo fs (wich to my opinion is non acceptable for that kind of product)

I just got some deleted file for no “known” reason and it seems there is no way to get some deleted files.

I’m looking for a way to mirror my drobo on an external hard drive and keep deleted copies for like 30days…

Is something like that possible?

it has nothing to do with drobo, currently all of the main network file systems will immediately delete a file.
if you were accessing the file on another windows machine, it would do the same thing.

short of making a “deleted” folder you can move things to, and then manually cleaning that folder every few days (or creating a script to do it) there’s really no other way

I don’t really blame drobo, just looking for a way to make a mirror copy of my drobo that keep deleted files for like 60days.

Even tho I’m sure drobofs could have an option that override the delete command to move the file to a drobo kinda recycle bin… I don’t blame them… but I do blame me to have thoses files deleted by a mysterious way.

Never thougt that would happen and since it does… I just think that as a backup product, we should have some option

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Drobo offers greater reliability, not backup functionality. There are plenty of good backup programs out there. I like to rsync my Drobo to a few external USB hard drives. Important data is stored on more than one external drive, and I rotate the “duplicate” drives about once a month to keep an old version around.

Thanks! that’s the kind of reply I was looking for… gonna dig into the rsync thing…

I was looking on the forum and since I saw that sometime when deleting large portion of file drobo is working for a long time before everything got deleted. I’m sure it would be possible (for data robotic to make) a possibility to make a partition on drobo fs like time machine that get used like a recyble bin. They could even put some versioning for some file type. That is not impossible to do I’m sure and then the product would be even more awesomme…

Just a tought

…and thanks!

Diging into the rsync thing I’m looking for a little tutorial on how to install this? I’m looking to copy all the 25Mo and less file to an external hard drive and I think that I see a backup-dir option in case a file is deleted?!

Can someone help me?