Make each drive a backup of the other?

Good morning - I’m sure this has been asked before but I am a newbie. I recently was given a Drobo (Gen 2) with 4 bays and have successfully set it up. The only thing that is bugging me is that it currently is set to use all four drives as one basically and totals the available space. What I would love to do is have one of the drives acting as my main drive with the remaining three creating a copy of the first drive. Is this possible? So basically I would have one hard drive with the remaining three as copies/backups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

hi, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

the main way that drobos work, (especially for the gen2 in your case), is that any 1 drive can fail, and the other drives will have your data on them. (other models can cater for any 2 drives failing)

when i first was looking to get a drobo, many years ago, i wanted to be able to use pata drives (those ide/eide small drives) simply because i happened to have several of them, like 800MB drives or a 3GB or 2GB drive :slight_smile: (i still ended up getting a drobo for sata drives, as it turned out that sata really was the way to go).

what you are suggesting, is not really possible, and not really the objective drobos were designed for, but maybe a bit more extra redundancy could be obtained in the following way…

  • you could put your data onto the drobo (which may be there already)
  • if you have 2 volumes you can copy the data as a backup, onto the 2nd volume
    (or if space permits, you can just make a subfolder on the drobo volume that you have, such as 1BACKUP)
    and put a copy of the data there too.
  • then, if you only use your main data source for the stuff you work on or use, and if something happens and you delete the wrong file, you would still have it all in the 1BACKUP folder
  • you can periodically refresh the !BACKUP folder to keep it up to date
  • and you would also still have the drobo’s default SDR mode, (for single drive redundancy)

(its not ideal though but if you really wanted to do what your idea is, then something like this should be able to help cater for it a bit)

on one of my drobos, where i was not able to enable DDR (dual drive redundancy) due to not enough drives or space, i did have a 2nd volume, and i do have a backup copy of a certain amount of what i call more important data, onto the other volume. (ideally, i would end up in a situation, where 2 drobos are a backup of the others, as well as hopefully having the 2 source drobos in DDR mode - ideally all, but hey) :slight_smile:

This is great info, thank you for the feedback

cool no problem,
(btw just be sure to keep an eye on dashboard, so that you dont overfill your drobo by mistake), keeping to within the 95% used mark is usually best.