Major Drobo S Questions?

Quick Setup and Details.
MS Windows 2003 R2 Standard Server x64
Silicon Image 3132 Softraid 5 Controller
Acronis True Image Echo Server

Drobo Gen 2
4x Western Digital Black 1TB

Currently I extermly disappointed in the speed of my 2 Gen Drobo, Fireware 800 on Win2003 with a far better card then Data Robotic recommends. (SIIG PCI-X Firewire 800 Card).

My current Drobo is 1.9TB Full so far, I plan to add another 1TB so I can turn on DDR. Which I’m hoping to at the very least get sustained write speed of 60mb/s.

So any problems with Drobo S and Windows 2003 Server x64?
Any issues using True Image Software and a Drobo S?
What other problems have you had with Drobo S by itself?
How much does the DDR effect the write speeds?
Anyone have REAL world number of the read/write speeds with DDR, SDR and the eSATA port.

I don’t plan to use USB other than firmware updates for the time being, Pure use of the eSATA port.

Are you using the Unibrain Firewire Drivers?

Currently Installed Version of Unibrain drive is:
ubCore™ 5.63 for Windows XP/Vista/7 & 2003/2008 Server 64 bit.