Magnets on Drobo faceplate

Hey I was told that it was dangerous to have magnets next to computers and hard drives. Do I need to be careful with the Drobo face plate? What happens if I set it on the table next to my new western digital hard drives - will anything bad happen?

There’s a Drobo knowledgebase article about this. It says that the magnets have a low enough power that it is not a problem.

The Magnets on the faceplate are far too weak to harm hard drives. Your drives will be fine.

I would believe that would be true of most drives. I would be careful anyway.

Agreed. That said, I’ve stuck powerful ceramic magnets* to the outsides of hard drives without losing any data. They’re surprisingly sturdy.

*Where do I get these, you ask? From inside hard drives! Next time you get a dead drive, whip out a few screwdrivers and take it apart.
(Torx 6/7/8 and Philips #1.)

From the Drobo Knowledgebase:

This issue was raised on the old forum, and the Data Robotics reply was that the magnets were too weak to interfere with drive operation.

No. They are FAR too weak to effect anything.

The magnets inside the hard drive that controls the read/write head placement is much more powerful…and closer to the data.