MacOSX - DDserviced shows a lot of network activity

That’s odd: I noticed a lot of network activity by DDserviceD , thanks to Little Snitch.

The process is transferring data to an endless list of other users from all over the world. (adsl users in Poland, cable users in Australia,…)
What is it transferring?

The first one in the list is update.drobo.com, which seems normal.
I hope that this is some sort of torrent-technology to update the software.

Can I turn it off? I don’t like it.

i cant picture therm using anything like a torrent, especially without users permissions - that would be very sneaky


Of course it could also mean that Little Snitch is buggy. (I give this more probability)

From the command-line run
netstat -a
Which will list all active network connections. See if that lists any unexpected connections.