macOS Big Sur Drobo Dashboard stops all network connection

I have installed the latest Drobo Dashboard 3.5.2 to my Macbook Pro running Big Sur 11.0.1

After the restart I can no longer connect to the internet. Even basic network troubleshooting commands like ifconfig and ping now hang.

Has anyone encountered this problem? If so please share your wisdom. Thank you.

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I’ve had precisely the sam issue. I noticed, in fact, that after installing 3.5.2, no software that wants to access the internet will work. (Many, even most, seem to need the internet these days.)

Anyhow, my only workaround has been to uninstall Drobo Dashboard and to use my Drobo via old-school USB. Unfortunately, however, the connection is too slow for my professional apps to use.

Until Drobo fixes their unusable 3.5.2, I’ve got a big black brick on my desktop.

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I was having the same problem and reviewed ‘Security & Privacy’ in System Preferences and saw that there was still install software that was blocked. I “allowed” the install which required another reboot and the network crashing stopped.


That looks useful and probably helpful for some. It looks like what you might experience if you install the Dashboard after the OS upgrade.

In my case the MacOS platform comes with a few rather nasty extras. Our corporate profile installs something called Falcon as a security add-on. Booting in safe mode the Drobo Dashboard starts up and works as planned. Once the Drobo Dashboard and Falcon were both on the machine that’s when the network stops working altogether.

Of course we then face the common issue that each vendor will blame the other for causing the issue - it would be good to get some insight from Drobo on where the conflict is.

My solution was to revert to using Catalina. I had to reinstall all I need from scratch and that cost me a whole day. I was not that impressed with the UI and feature changes that came with Big Sur anyway - the time will come however when I have no choice but to upgrade. I hope Drobo has a more resilient / tolerant software utility by then,

I’ve entered my ip address, but my drobo pix continues to say server not found? Any info is appreciated