macOS Big Sur compatibility

According to my MAC, Drobo Dashboard etc. is not compatible with the upcoming new OS from Apple (Big Sur). I assume this is being addressed in advance?

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Well, surprise! Big Sur is out and Drobo’s Thunderbolt driver is still completely broken.

This is completely unacceptable. Apple gave Drobo two years to update their drivers. Drobo is suddenly “surprised” when Big Sur comes out and the customer-visible “this is going to stop being supported soon” turned into a “this will not work by the end of this year”?

I have lost all confidence in Drobo, a company I have enjoyed purchasing from since the Drobo 2nd Gen over twelve years ago. I am shifting over to Synology NAS; the network-based throughput speeds I have seen there are as fast as the T3 direct-connect of the Drobo 5D3 even with a fast SSD “accelerator” drive in there too. The company seems to have much much more active support too.

Sorry, Drobo, this is not how you support your users. You played with fire ignoring the warnings from Apple, and now you are getting burnt. Unfortunately, all your customers are burning up too.

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