Mac users help!

So I’m making the switch from PC to Mac and am curious if my MACbook will see the ntfs formatted (in windows) Drobo? My goal is to import all the files on Drobo to another external hard drive (mac formatted) then eventually reformat the Drobo for MAc. Do I need to load up dashboard for MAc for it to see the Drobo array? I have about 1TB of data and the second gen Drobo.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You can mount the Drobo to your Mac, and Mac will see the NTFS data but it will be read only.
You do not need dashboard installed on your Mac in order to see the Drobo. But you will need it when you are ready to format your drobo for HFS+.

Awsome. Thanks. Anxious to see the fw800 speed over usb.

You can install the FREE MacFUSE/NTFS-3G kit for full read/write access to ANY NTFS volume.


Thank you. What about this software? http://www.paragon-software.com/home/ntfs-mac/ Comes recommended by an Apple dealer. Any difference beside $20.00? Thanks.

Never used one I had to pay for.

The NTFS-3G is based on open-source code, but the same company maintains a commercial product you can buy, Tuxera.

They maintain that the commercial version is faster. For my purposes (moving data back and forth on my Boot Camp partition), the free version works just fine. If you want to use your Drobo and keep the format as NTFS, then it might be worth the $.

Copy all thanks. Makes sense.